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We suggest the wide spectrum of reasonable, simple in the use and reliable means for a detection and measuring of radiation and electromagnetic level. Presently there are vast radiation tense territories in Ukraine. As a result of disaster on Chernobyl NPP the radiocontammant of considerable part of territory of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia and, in less degree, some other countries happened. Most widespread radionuclides of chernobyl origin are Caesium-137 (gamma-radiation) and Strontium-90 (beta-radiation).

In Ukraine the most contaminated territories are Kievan, Zhitomir, Zaporozhia, Lugansk and Rovenskaya regions. To the most probable sources of radioactive irradiation of man behaves:

  1. Use of radioactive contaminated food, especially milk, meat, vegetables, berries, mushrooms. For prevention of this way of irradiation it is necessary to check up food at buying, especially on markets.
  2. Stay on radioactive contaminated territory, dwelling in a house or apartment built of radioactive contaminated materials. Cases of use of contaminated wood are possible for furniture which we fill with a own house - in doors, beds, tables and other.
  3. Use in everyday life, work with radioactive devices and sources. In such devices most often there are Cobalt-60, Strontium-90, Caesium-137 or Radium-226. Thus not having a dosimeter or radiometer it is impossible to define presence of radioactivity and innocent antique to become invisible poison for its proprietor.
  4. Continuous stay in basement and semi-base apartments (there is an irradiation of man from radioactive gas Radon-222 emanated from soil). For prevention of irradiation it is enough to provide ventilation.
  5. The intentional or unintentional placing of radioactive source (as a rule, gamma-emitting) is in the people's places of stay.

Any radioactive irradiation results in worsening of health and can result in the diseases of organs of digestion, nervous system, thyroid, to the oncologic diseases and other. In our specialized internet-shop low prices (cost) and you will be able to purchase a professional or domestic dosimeter or radiometer (Geiger counter) which will allow you to avoid harmful influence of radioactive radiation.

Attention! We all are used to goods delivery to the specified address. But I doubt whether somebody says that the courier delivering goods always can competently tell about it to emphasize its features, point out the important things or warn against problem in service. Of course, you say, - there is an instruction with all need information for it. But instruction cant foresee many cases requiring experience and knowledge - all the more in such field of knowledge as dosimetry... As radioactive radiation is invisibly, it doesnt have taste, color and smell. A man doesnt have the pain even at the lethal doses. We just begin using the dosimeters in everyday life, although this instrument was invented long before the mobile phone, microwave etc. Therefore, we not only sell and deliver the instrument to you, but also instruct you in operation with it, including service features, which are not specified in the instruction, because they are comprehended for years service in the field of dosimetry and radiometry of ionizing radiation. We can always consult you competently in choosing of dosimeter, and also never refuse to help you in difficult situation, occurring in service of instrument.