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 Section 1. Portable pH-meters.

Section 1 given portable pH-meters. pH - is one of the most important indicators of water quality is largely determined by the nature and rate of chemical and biological processes, it reflects the degree of acidity or alkalinity of water. At neutral pH acid and alkali present in the water in equal amounts (or nonexistent). Such an environment is the most balanced and optimal for the passage of biochemical reactions in the body. Water with a low pH (ie acidic) has increased corrosivity, and with a high pH (ie alkaline) - has a characteristic suds to cause eye and skin irritation. Increasing pH is usually increase hardness and scale is out of order washing machines, boilers, etc.

 Section 2. Portable ORP-meters.

Section 2 given portable ORP meter. ORP (redox potential, rH, ORP) - a measure of the reactivity of the elements and their compounds in the reversible chemical processes associated with the change in the charge of the ions in solution (by transmission electron or accession). ORP value for each redox reaction can be both positive and negative. In humans, the energy released during the oxidation-reduction reactions, is spent on the maintenance of homeostasis and regeneration of body cells. The water absorbed optimally when it is close to the ORP of internal environment. In the vast majority of cases ORP of drinking water is more important. In this case, the water in the tissue takes up electrons from the cell body, and accordingly is subjected to oxidative degradation.

 Section 3. Portable conductometer and TDS-meters.

Section 3 given portable conductivity and TDS-meters (Salimeters). Control of salinity in the water as necessary to determine the actual water quality (this is especially important for water from the pump room) and to control the quality of filtration systems, ranging from the pitcher filters and ending with a reverse osmosis system.

 Section 4. Portable oximeters.

Section 4 given portable oximeters. Oxygen is essential to most living creatures on Earth for the process of synthesis of energy in the body. Decreased oxygen saturation (for example, in the winter when the water surface is covered with ice, and aquariums - with insufficient aeration) adversely affects the health and behavior of fish. Reduced oxygen concentrations may also indicate that the water flow is actively putrefaction.

 Section 5. Portable clorinemeters.

Section 5 given portable hlorine-meters. In cities with centralized water supply, water chlorination - is the main method of disinfecting. Therefore, control of the chlorine content in water is particularly relevant in the case of the use of water directly from the tap or use in aquariums of tap water, which does not pass the boiling, sedimentation or purification through a carbon filter. Control of the concentration of chlorine is also required in swimming pools.

 Section 6. Complex water analyzers.

Section 6 given portable integrated water analyzers - devices that can measure several parameters of water.