Dosimeters, radiometers
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Leasing the dosimeter

Procedure of instrument leasing:

  1. The instrument is transferred for leasing in our office if the guarantee equal to 100% of instrument value is provided.
  2. When the instrument is transferred for leasing, the bilateral act, in which date and time of transfer, instrument name and its serial number, amount of guarantee must be specified, is drawn up.
  3. After transferring a leaseholder may use the instrument over the time of 10 days (after 10 days using the instrument passes into ownership to the leaseholder, the guarantee is not given back).
  4. After returning of instrument its operability and appearance, serial number and absence of radioactive contamination is checking.
  5. If the instrument passes the checking, the leaseholder receives back his guarantee less cost of lease (cost of one day lease is 100 UAH). If the instrument doesnt pass the checking, it passes into ownership to the leaseholder without returning of guarantee.