Dosimeters, radiometers
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Influence of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. In this article is briefly described mechanisms and consequences of influence of electromagnetic radiation on a living cell. read

Bases of dosimetry. In this article is briefly described history of development of dosimetry, forming of dose from a radioactive irradiation, basic dosimetric concepts and values are resulted. read

What is dosimeter? In this article short description of devices for measuring of radiation, principle of their work is resulted. read

What happened on ChNPP in April, 26, 1986? In this article of George Veremeev the chronicle of events is described entailing most grandiose on the scales and consequences technogenic catastrophe in histories of humanity - disaster on Chernobyl NPP. read

Examples of radiation scrap. Description and pictures of the various lost radioactive sources which were found in the places of people's residence is resulted in this article. read

Examples of radioactive goods. Examples of goods, which was produced in the bigin of last century and contains radioactive materials is resulted in this article. read

Classification of protection degrees for devices (IP). In this article the world classification of protection degrees of devices against penetration into foreign bodies, dust and water is resulted. read

What is alcotester (alcometer)? In this article alcometers classification, units and calculation formulas, is resulted for determination of concentration of alcohol in blood, the leadingout of alcohol is described from the human organism. read

Gas analyzers and unit "ppm" General classification of gas analyzers and used units is resulted in this article. read