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 Section 1. Household nitrate-testers.

Section №1 presented portable nitrate testers are designed for use in a domestic environment. At the heart of their work is less precise, but a very simple method - is the measurement of electrical conductivity in the substance (in fresh fruits and vegetables, meat), followed by conversion into specific nitrate content in mg/kg. This method imposes some restrictions on the types and condition of the measured product, but allows for a few seconds at home, on the street, in the market to perform the test for nitrates. Nitrate-testers of this section shall not be subject to periodic verification.

Household nitrate-tester

Price: 4400 UAH | yes
detailed description
Household nitrate-tester
"SOEKS" NUC-019-1

Price: 2750 UAH | no
detailed description
Household nitrate-tester with
radiometer "Ecotester"

Price: 3950 UAH | no
nitrate gamma-radiation
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 Section 2. Professional nitrate sensors for labs.

Section №2 presented nitrat-sensors for use in the laboratory. At the heart of their work is more precise, but rather laborious method - a potentiometric method using ion-selective electrodes. Laboratory nitrat-sensors allow to analysis almost no restrictions kinds of measured products and liquids - water, juice (subject to appropriate sample preparation). However, for professional nitrate-sensors needed supplies, as well as special storage conditions, calibration and operation. In the case of official measurements nitrat-sensors of this section shall be subject to periodic verification.

Nitrate sensor
for labs "N-405"

Price: 0 UAH | no
nitrate sertificate thermometer
detailed description